50 years of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Roald Dahl Fans share their memories

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9:00am, 10th April
Kris Howard with her edition of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This is Kris, who set up the original Roald Dahl Fans website, with her copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in Sydney. Kris says: 

"My name is Kris Howard. I'm 36 years old and I live in Sydney, Australia. I first read Charlie when I was in the third grade, and Roald Dahl has been my favourite author ever since. In university I started the Roald Dahl Fans.com website, and I'm still running it 17 years later! My favourite memory from the book are all the rooms and treats Charlie glimpses through the factory that you can only imagine: the Rock-Candy Mine (10,000 feet deep!), Exploding Sweets for your Enemies, Invisible Chocolate Bars for Eating in Class, Fizzy Lemonade Swimming Pools! I'm still waiting for a candy maker to invent those."

Michael Mander with his edition of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Here's Michael Mander from the Roald Dahl Fans group with his copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Michael, who lives in the UK, says:

"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is the recipe for a perfect story: a compelling protagonist, a simple yet genius plot and, above all, lots of chocolate! To be surrounded by chocolate, particularly the incredible creations of Mr Wonka, is everyone's dream. The story is easy to tell in many mediums (including film and theatre), which of course contributes to it's lasting appeal. However: it is Dahl's wonderful way with words that truly make this a book that hold's a place in every good bookshelf for generations.

I was first told this story in Year 4, when I was 8. My teacher, Miss Kruk, introduced me to Roald Dahl and I was instantly hooked. Before long I had the entire Dahl collection. In 2009, to share this adoration of the works of Dahl, I started a Facebook page about the man. In that time, I have had the oppurtunity to meet loads of great people who share this interest in Dahl! All thanks to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I'll definitely be buying the new golden ticket edition!"