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10:45am, 23rd December
Quentin Blake illustrates The Vanilla Fudge Room, a chapter from an early unpublished draft of Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

In 2014 we've been celebrating 50 whipple-scrumptious years of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - check out our Flipboard magazine

Since 1st February - the very day that Mr Wonka opened the Factory Gates in Roald Dahl's original story (although it was changed to 1 October in the 1971 film) - we've been having a delicious time celebrating 50 years of the much-loved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

With numerous chefs channelling Mr Wonka with their Just Desserts recipes, to Chocolate Factory memories from Roald Dahl's family and collaborators including Quentin Blake and Joseph Schindelman, and even TWO entirely new, previously-unpublished chapters - The Vanilla Fudge Room and The Warming Candy Room - we've had a lot to get our teeth into.

As we look back on this scrumdiddlyumptious 50th anniversary year, we've created a special festive treat and pulled all this tasty chocolatey goodness together into one Flipboard magazine. 

So put your feet up, get a cup of hot chocolate, and come and browse with us...

Read Charlie at 50 on Flipboard.