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11:50am, 12th June
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  • Volunteen chocolate creation
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Katie from the Museum's education team talks about their Youth Panel programme and their plans for chocolate fun this weekend...

In January we had the first ever Roald Dahl Museum Youth Panel meeting, with 8 young people ranging from 11 to 18. The first meeting was very exciting with lots of ideas flying around the room to celebrate Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s 50th anniversary. A Great British Bake Off style event was agreed upon which would be named ‘The Great Missenden Chocolate Off’. The young people really took to the idea and had lots of thoughts on the different challenges which we narrowed down to three, based on the criteria of 'signature',' technical' and 'showstopper': a signature challenge to create a Wonka Bar, a technical challenge to create a Roald Dahl character and a showstopper round based on dreams.

The format of the event was practised by the Volunteens who took part in the three challenges themselves under strict competition conditions. Lots of chocolates, sweets and chocolate spread were bought and used to create the signature, technical and showstopper designs. The teens were then put into pairs and timed on each round. When everyone had finished, they decided how they would judge each round and how much time each challenge needed. They were then allowed to eat all the left-over sweets as a treat!

The finer details of the Great Missenden Chocolate Off were agreed upon; we fixed a date and location for Sunday 15 June amongst all our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Summer celebrations, in Miss Honey’s Classroom. We decided contestants needed to be aged 9 or over and could not be assisted, but parents were welcome to take part themselves. Also there should only be 12 available spaces so contestants could work in teams in each workshop and we would run two workshops at 11.30am and 2.30pm.

Last week’s meeting saw the Volunteens rehearse the Great Missenden Chocolate Off with one member presenting the event as Willy Wonka. A script has been drafted and the main rules agreed upon. The group with the most points will become the winners of the Great Missenden Chocolate Off but all contestants will be allowed to eat their treats afterwards. We are now getting ready for the event on Sunday: a list has been drafted of sweets to buy, rosettes have been made for our points system and a Wonka Hat has been found for our Presenter. Fingers crossed all will go well so if you want to get involved book your place now!

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