Claudia Winkleman gets crafty

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Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity
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12:00pm, 10th September

Watch Claudia Winkleman get creative in one of three videos for the Marvellous Costume Competition and make not one but two Roald Dahl costumes.

Every year Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity organises a fundraising event when children all across the UK are invited to unleash their inner Willy Wonka and go to school dressed as their favourite Roald Dahl Character. It’s the Dahlicious Dress Up Day and this year it’s on Friday 26th September.

“Oh no!” you may be thinking. “That’s only two weeks away and my child doesn’t have a costume!”

Well, fear not because we have come up with a solution for you - The Marvellous Costume Make video competition.  We’ve been asking people to film themselves making a Roald Dahl inspired costume so that there are loads of DIY costume guides to help you prepare for the Dahlicious Dress Up Day.

We asked Marvellous Champion Claudia Winkleman to give our video competition a try, to show you how super duper easy making a costume is. Claudia said, “What you should know is that I’m really bad at this stuff. I have my own children and even they go ‘Mum don’t worry, we’ll do it ourselves.’”

And then she proceeded to make not just one, but TWO Dahlicious Dress Up Day costumes!

Don’t believe us? You can watch Claudia’s first video below:


So there you have it – two Wonka hats to choose from! Don’t forget to come back next week when Claudia will show us how to make a bow tie to go with it.

In the meantime, please do enter our competition and more importantly make sure your child’s school has signed up for the Dahlicious Day 2014!