I Want It Now: August 2015

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Roald Dahl HQ
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4:30pm, 10th August
Charlie, James, Matilda, The BFG, The Twits, The Witches

Whether you're on school holidays or counting down the days to the weekend, we've got a few in- and outdoor games to keep you busy...

From board games to interactive outdoor adventures, there's no end of fun to be had with your favourite Roald Dahl characters - take a look at our suggestions below.

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This Charlie and the Chocolate Factory set features two of your fave games, with a special Mr Wonka twist - Snakes and Ladders and Ludo. Perfect for rainy days and family board game tournaments...

Snakes and Ladders inspired by Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, featuring illustrations by Sir Quentin Blake

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory game set, £10.00
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Get messy in the kitchen and create some Roald Dahl-inspired treats with this Grobswitchy Grub kit, from Oompa-Loompa cakes to Exploding Fizz. Yum yum. 

Grobswitchy Grub game inspired by Roald Dahl's characters, featuring illustrations by Sir Quentin Blake

Grobswitchy Grub kit, £6.99
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Get set for a summer of adventure with Matilda Wormwood, James Henry Trotter and those horrible Witches. We've teamed up with Persil for a series of interactive adventures - download your own story, get out there and get exploring...

A summer of Messy Adventures with Roald Dahl and Persil

Download your Roald Dahl Messy Adventure, free
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Another perfect rainy day activity for the chiddlers - this BFG puzzle features 100 pieces and fits together to show an iconic scene, as illustrated by Sir Quentin Blake.

Puzzle inspired by Roald Dahl's The BFG, featuring illustrations by Sir Quentin Blake

The BFG puzzle, £8.99
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Watch out for Mrs Twit! Our new app, Roald Dahl's Twit or Miss, is available now on the App Store and via Google Play. Download it now to have some food fighting fun with Mr Twit...

Play Roald Dahl's Twit or Miss

Roald Dahl's Twit or Miss, free
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