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1:30pm, 9th February
The Twits

Mr and Mrs Twit don't care for this Valentines nonsense. So whether it's romance or unValentine fun you're looking for, here are a few ideas

Mr and Mrs Twit from Roald Dahl's The Twits are pretty horrible - both to each other and to everyone around them. Mrs Twit likes to ruin romantic meals by adding worms to the spaghetti, and Mr Twit is more likely to make his wife think she has the Dreaded Shrinks than buy her a bunch of flowers.

If Valentines Day makes you feel like you want to embrace your inner Twit, we've got a few suggestions for you...

Print showing Roald Dahl's Mr and Mrs Twit, illustrated by Sir Quentin Blake

'Mrs Twit goes ballooning up' print

One of the terrible tricks Mr Twit plays on his wife is when he convinces her she's shrinking and needs to be stretched using lots and lots of balloons. Quentin Blake's print celebrates this truly unromantic moment.

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Roald Dahl's Terrible Tricks set

Terrible Tricks Activity Kit

Feeling inspired to play a few Twits tricks of your own? This activity set includes fake maggots, flies, and lots more items for some terrible trickery.

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Mug featuring Roald Dahl's the Twits, illustrated by Sir Quentin Blake

The Twits mug

Welcome Valentines Day with a nice warm drink - and remember to watch out for a glass eye at the bottom of your cup...

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Vest featuring the quote

"Good thoughts" ladies vest

Surprisingly, The Twits does also feature one of Roald Dahl's most well-known quotes. So if you do want to be lovely this Valentines Day, we suppose this vest is quite nice.

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T-shirt featuring Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr Fox, illustrated by Sir Quentin Blake

Fantastic Mr Fox men's t-shirt

With one lovely ladies vest on offer, we thought we'd better make a nice suggestion for the men a well. Do you know someone fantastic? Then this is the t-shirt for them.

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