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The Roald Dahl Museum
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12:30pm, 16th January
Esio Trot, Museum
Esio Trot props in Solo Gallery

We take a closer look at some of the new Esio Trot exhibits in the Roald Dahl Museum, from the Tortoise-Catcher film prop to Roald Dahl's notes.

Roald Dahl's speech
We can see the seeds of inspiration for Esio Trot in these notes for a speech that Roald Dahl gave in 1978. He talks about how, while visiting his daughter's flat, an idea came to him about a lady who kept a tortoise. Museum visitors can read this hand written draft, and might even be able to spot the original name for the Tortoise-Catcher in this version of the story.

Roald Dahl's notes for a speech

Mrs Silver's dress
This fantastic dress was one of the costumes worn by Dame Judi Dench in the recent BBC One production. If visitors look closely they'll be able to see the 2,000 Swarovski crystals that have been hand-sewn on to the garment. The crystals took over 18 hours to attach to the dress!

Mrs Silver's dress from Esio Trot film

The Tortoise-Catcher
If you look up in Solo Gallery you can see the Tortoise-Catcher prop that was used in the BBC film. This is the home-made device that Mr Hoppy used to pick up tortoises from the balcony below. Roald Dahl had a very clear idea about how the Tortoise-Catcher should be drawn, and made lots of sketches of how he thought it should look in early drafts.

The Tortoise Grabber from Esio Trot

You can see all these items and more at the Roald Dahl Museum in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire. The film props were kindly donated to the Museum by Endor Productions.

Esio Trot in the shop