Celebrating 10 years

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The Roald Dahl Museum
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1:00pm, 1st October
The Museum's 10th birthday party

After a Big Birthday Bash for visitors back in June, the Museum had another party in September for staff, trustees, supporters and friends.

After hours the Museum's spaces were transformed into a party venue and a wondercrump time was had by all. A whizzbanging way to thank everyone who's helped make the Museum marvellous over the last decade. Here's to the next 10 years!

Former and current Museum directors

Left to right: Museum director Steve Gardam and former directors Sue Davies, Claire Field and Amelia Foster.

Museum team

Members of the Museum team left to right: Anita Richardson, Annie Price, Isabelle Reynolds, Isy Mead and Grace Weller.

Socialising in the galleries

Museum team members left to rght: Annie Price, Rachel White and Kimberley Latter.

Socialising in the galleries

Company Secretary Eunice Wennberg and Paul Mitchell Chair of the Museum Trustees.

Steve and Paul

Museum Director Steve Gardam and Chair of the Museum Trustees Paul Mitchell.

Socialising in the galleries

Staff from Cafe Twit and the Museum left to right: Lance Dyne, Becky Gilbert, Annie Price, Jo Binder, Jack Hamilton, Grace Weller and Kim Osborne.

Socialising in the galleries

Former Chair of the Trustees Amanda Conquy and current Chair of the Trustees Paul Mitchell.

Socialising in the galleries

Museum staff Nicola Higgs left and Anita Richardson right.

Socialising in the galleries

Cafe Twit Manager Kate Weare, centre, and Head Chef Lance Dyne, left.

Cutting the cake

Cutting the giant bogtrotter cake from Cafe Twit! Office and Facilities Manager Tricia Croot left, and the Museum's first Director, Sue Davies, right.