I Want It Now: June 2016

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The Roald Dahl Museum
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10:00am, 11th June
Charlie, Matilda, Roald Dahl 100
I want it now: June

We’ve got some glumptious new goodles on the website for the biggest Roald Dahl fans…

The Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary

The Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary

This wonderful dictionary is full to bursting with Roald Dahl references, gobblefunk and truly interesting words - the only dictionary in the world where you can find out what zozimus means. A great addition to your Roald Dahl reading and brilliant for all aspiring writers.

Roald Dahl 100 Limited Edition Print

Roald Dahl centenary print framed

A glorious print designed exclusively for the centenary year. Packed with your favourite Roald Dahl characters illustrated by Quentin Blake including The BFG, Mr and Mrs Twit, Willy Wonka and Matilda. The print run is limited to just 595 prints, so no dilly-dallying - they’ll be gone before you can shake Mr Fox’s tail!

Sophie Doll cushion

Sophie cushion doll

Inspired by Quentin Blake’s drawings of Sophie from The BFG, this cuddly cushion doll is a tremendous reading companion. Great to snuggle up with in bed while you're on your way to Dreamland...

Charlie Chocolate t-shirt

Charlie and the Chocolate factory t-shirt

If you like chocolate (who doesn’t?!) and you’re a fan of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (who isn’t?!) you probably can't wait to wear this terrific t-shirt. Great to wear whilst eating chocolate, candy, chocolate cake, chocolate biscuits, gobstoppers, square sweets that look round, or in fact anything sweet!

Matilda Bookworm duvet set

Matilda duvet set

At the end of the day, after using all your energy for your sensational telekinetic superpowers, you need somewhere comfy to rest. Preferably a bed, and preferably one that looks as awesome as this Matilda duvet-covered example.