Get Ready Cos Here We Come

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Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity
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12:35pm, 27th September

The Marvellous Nurse Inventing Room helps improve quality of care for young people with epilepsy as they transition into adult health care services.

Get Ready Cos Here We Come is one of the projects in the Marvellous Nurse Inventing Room.  This project has been managed by the UK's first ever paediatric epilepsy nurse specialist and the first ever Roald Dahl Nurse, Anne Sweeney. Anne has worked as a paediatric epilepsy nurse specialist at Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool for twenty-five years.

Anne's project aimed to improve the quality of care for young people affected by epilepsy as they go through the transition from children's to adult health care services. For many teenagers this can be a particularly difficult time.

Anne brought together a group of young people affected by epilepsy to express their concerns about transition through the medium of art.  The group used storyboards, hand-made character models and a film to articulate their feelings, to help the people responsible for their care to understand how best to help them through it.

Transition of children to adult health care is a key area for improvement both locally and nationally. Sophie Dziwinski, Senior Programmes Manager at Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity says, "Transition from child to adult healthcare services is incredibly important for young people in the UK with any condition.  Projects such as this really give young people a voice and enable practitioners to develop transition services in relation to epilepsy for future generations."

Epilepsy is recognised to be the most common neurological condition in adolescence and it can have a profound impact socially and emotionally on teenagers in particular.

Anne Sweeney says, "I know that this project has had a positive impact in many ways including improving the quality of life for those who have epilepsy."  The study and the film were recently presented at the National Transition Conference. Find out more about other Marvellous Nurse Inventing Room Projects by reading our latest Supporter Newsletter.

The Marvellous Nurse Inventing Room is kindly supported by The Burdett Trust for Nursing.