I Want It Now: March 2017

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The Roald Dahl Museum
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4:00pm, 15th March
Charlie, George
I Want It Now: March 2017

Celebrate British Science Week with these inventive finds...

Get your hands on some marvellous new books.

Try out lots of fantabulous science experiments at home with George's Marvellous Experiments; make everything from Rainbow Rain to the Ultimate Underwater Volcano. Or pick up a new special edition of Roald Dahl's classic George's Marvellous Medicine - complete with free wondercrump door hanger!

George's Marvellous Medicine

Write down your inventions and draw your ideas.

Roald Dahl always wrote his stories on yellow legal paper using Dixon Ticonderoga pencils - now you can too with this paper and pencil bundle.

Yellow legal paper and Dixon Ticonderoga Pencil

Fill a bag with your favourite things.

Willy Wonka was certainly an inventive chap! And this Wonka tote bag is the perfect place to put your science books and lab coat.

Willy Wonka tote bag

Hang a lovely print on the wall.

This limited edition print captures George mixing his marvellous medicine.

George's Marvellous Medicine Print

"He wasn't going to fool about wondering whether to put in a little bit of this or a little bit of that. Quite simply, he was going to put in EVERYTHING he could find."