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The Roald Dahl Museum
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3:30pm, 11th July
Enormous Crocodile, Museum
Selection of Enormous Crocodile products

Make sure you snap up some of our brand new and extremely exciting Enormous Crocodile goodies!

Wondercrump crocodile clothes

The summer is well and truly here. No need to bathe in mud like the Enormous Crocodile to stay cool, this t-shirt will do the job perfectly! In case you need an extra layer in the evening why not grab this snappy sweater... 

Enormous Crocodile t-shirt and sweater

Enormous Crocodile T-Shirt £18.00, The Enormous Crocodile Children's Sweatshirt, £28.00


The perfect puzzle 

Need some easy entertainment during the summer holidays? Grab this brilliant, brightly coloured floor puzzle to keep your little ones entertained for hours! 

Enormous Crocodile jigsaw puzzle

The Enormous Crocodile Giant Floor Puzzle, £9.95


Evening entertainment! 

The Enormous Crocodile features a very cunning croc full of secret plans and clever tricks, settle down to read the thrilling tale in the perfect pyjamas and with a cuddly crocodile for company - you could even use him to act out parts of the story (much safer than trying to find a real one!).

Enormous Crocodile soft toy, pyjamas and large colour book

The Enormous Crocodile 50cm, £16.99, The Enormous Crocodile Pyjama Set, £29.00, The Enormous Crocodile, £5.59