Business lessons to be learnt from Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker

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Roald Dahl HQ
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3:00pm, 23rd May

Even if they didn't make it much past page fifty, there's an awful lot to be learnt from James's semi-evil but rather entrepreneurial aunts.

‘There’s a pile to money to be made out of this if only we can handle this right.’  

1.    Think with your head, not your heart – or stomach

If it had been left to an ever-hungry Aunt Sponge there would have been no crowds, no tickets sold and certainly not much peach left. She wanted to eat it. Aunt Spiker however had her eyes on the prize – and the profit line.  


2.    Never forget the power of a good marketing plan

You can have the best product (or indeed the biggest peach) in the world but quite frankly if no one knows about it then what’s the point? You won’t make any money that way!  Fortunately, Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker had got that one sussed, ‘the news that a peach, almost as big as a house, spread like wildfire’ and before they know it there were crowds galore. Promotion is key. Don’t forget it!   


3.    Protect your most valuable assets

Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker got that peach protected pronto, the sun had barely risen and they had the carpenters round to make sure it was properly fenced and adequate crowd control was in place.  Whatever your asset, if you’re after long term success you need to be sure to have your lead attraction insured.  


4.    Discount child tickets are a guaranteed way to attract families

You don’t need us to tell you that families are sure-fire money spinner when it comes to attraction based business events and what better way to get them through the gates than discounted tickets for the little ones? 

But don’t forget your profit margin, unlike peaches - money doesn’t grow on trees! Make sure that you only offer the most minimal of discount. To truly benefit you the business owner, they should be as useless as possible to the majority of your patrons. Follow the advice of our peach-based entrepreneurs and offer half price tickets for those under six weeks old only. 


5.    Exploit the media’s desperate need to sell papers

We’ve discussed the need for discount ticketing for tiddlers but don’t forget if someone is really desperate for a big scoop they’ll pay whatever it takes.

So, if a journalist (or god forbid an Instagrammer) wants to come in and take pictures – it’s ‘double for cameras!’ 


6.    Manage growth carefully or your business might run away from (or over) you

Once the cash comes rolling in make sure that you don’t get carried away and keep your eyes on what else is happening in the wider business environment or you could get yourself in a very sticky situation!