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Children's Book Week

7th July 2015

Why not re-read some of your fave Roald Dahl stories this Children's Book Week? Here are a few ideas to get you started...

We're live on PopJam!

18th May 2015

Calling all Popjammers! We're delighted to be launching our Roald Dahl HQ account today - come on and join us...

I Want It Now: March 2015

9th March 2015

With April Fools Day only a few weeks away, here are a few gift ideas for the Roald Dahl-inspired trickster in your life...

April Fools Countdown: 4 weeks

4th March 2015

We're counting down to 1 April with some of Roald Dahl's trickiest, most mischievous characters. First: The Enormous Crocodile