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October half-term at the Roald Dahl Museum

9th October 2018

Join us for a mischievous week this October half-term with Roald Dahl-themed workshops and a Mischief Makers trail.

Matilda gifts and goodies

2nd October 2018

Celebrate Matilda's 30th birthday with these delightful treats

The Roald Dahl Museum re-opening 20 October

24th September 2018

You'll be able to step through our chocolate doors, peek into Roald Dahl's hut and make up your own stories once again!

A nurse’s view on life after a brain injury

21st September 2018

Monica Philpot, a Roald Dahl Acquired Brain Injury Nurse Specialist who works at The Children's Trust, explains what life can be like after a brain injury and what can be done to help

Share a Story for Roald Dahl Day

12th September 2018

Fantabulous story sharing tips from the Roald Dahl Museum

Delumptious deals for Roald Dahl Day

10th September 2018

It's Roald Dahl Day this week, so get celebrating!

Week 6: Fired Up By Food

28th August 2018

Welcome to week 6 of our Make Stories Like Roald Dahl summer challenge. This week we will explore Roald Dahl’s love of fantastic food and wigglish words to invent a scrumptious treat of our own.

Get Set for School!

22nd August 2018

It's almost time for term to begin and these colourful goodies will make heading back to the classroom that much easier.

Festival Fun at The Big Feastival

21st August 2018

Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity receives support from The Big Feastival and other charitable partners including Chipmunks, a leading children's footwear brand and Explore Learning, providers of Maths and English tuition.

Week 5: Get Nosey in Nature

20th August 2018

Welcome to week 5 of our Make Stories Like Roald Dahl summer challenge. This week is all about nosing about with nature, just like Roald Dahl!