Chris Haughton

Some first-rate drawing tips from illustrator Chris Haughton.

Chris Haughton illustration from his book Oh No George!

Creator of Oh No George!, which was shortlisted for The Roald Dahl Funny Prize 2012. Chris ran some phizz-whizzing workshops at the Roald Dahl Museum in 2013. Take a look at Chris's top drawing tips:

1. Let the picture tell the story. Make a drawing first and then come up with the story around it.

2. Fold up a page a few times and start a drawing with 2 or more people. Each one takes a turn and then folds the paper again. In the end you can unfold it and then you can see what you have drawn all together.

3. Draw a before and an after drawing. Try to think of the things can happen in just two drawings.

4. Draw a squiggle or a paint blob and then try to make it into a character.

5. When you have made a character imagine what could happen to them.

Find out more about Chris and his work on his website.