Paul Lyalls

Words of wisdom from the Roald Dahl Museum's Poet-in-Residence in 2013 and 2014.

Paul Lyalls running a workshop

The Roald Dahl Museum's Big Friendly Poet-in-Residence in 2013 and 2014, Paul has been a poet for over 20 years. He has poems in Michael Rosen's A-Z of Poetry, has performed with the likes of Will Self and Miranda Hart and was one of the official London 2012 Shake the Dust poets - phew!

Check out Paul's creative tips:

1. Carry a notebook, jot down anything unusual or funny or unexpected you experience, develop it into a poem or just a piece of writing. It may fit a story one day - make sure you write whatever it is straight away; ideas soon escape and get away.

2. Read lots! Having a constant stream of words and ideas running through your mind is great exercise for the poetry and stories in you.

3. Go and experience writers live. See and hear what they say and do and how they try and bring writing to life. Ask questions and learn from them.

4. Don’t get frustrated when ideas don’t come or the writing doesn’t happen. Leave it, go and fix a yo-yo or some other job that needs doing.

5. Don’t accept everything you first write. Look at it again, question it - is it really funny enough? Does the ending hit home, are there too many words or ideas being repeated? Play around with the possibilities.