Ordering archive items

Further information about ordering items from the Roald Dahl archive.

Early draft of Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate factory showing the names of six children. C. RDNL

We recommend you begin your search of our archive by clicking here, where you will be able to search the full database.

If you are not able to visit the Reading Room in person and would still like further information, there are a few other options available. These are:

Buying digital images

Many - but not all - of Roald Dahl’s manuscripts have been digitised and these images can also be used for research. You can buy complete manuscript drafts in Adobe PDF format which can be put on a CD and posted to you, or transferred by email. Each manuscript draft costs £10.00 + VAT, with postage and packing at £2.50 for items on CD. 

To place an order, please email us using the form below to discuss your request.

You will need to give us the reference numbers of the items you would like to buy and your full postal address. You will receive an order form/copyright declaration to sign which confirms the order and price, along with details of how to pay. We aim to complete orders for images within 10 working days after a signed order and payment has been received. 

Note: for overseas customers we require payment over the phone by credit card. Once we have your signed order/ copyright form, we will send you payment instructions. 


Photocopies of loose papers can be provided for 42p each (+ VAT, postage & packing £2.50). We reserve the right to refuse a photocopy request if the documents to be copied will suffer damage as a result, or if the item is closed to the general public. Please remember that items in copyright cannot be copied in their entirety without the permission of the copyright holder.

Contact the Roald Dahl archive using the form below: