The Girl


The female narrator of Roald Dahl's The Magic Finger sees red when her neighbours The Greggs continue their Saturday hunting missions



"It doesn't seem right to me that men and boys should kill animals just for the fun they get out of it." - The Magic Finger

The Magic Finger was published in 1962, four years after Roald Dahl finished writing it. It's narrated by an eight-year-old girl with a very special power. She hates hunting, and she hates injustice, and anyone who is guilty of either of these things should watch out...

Her next-door neighbours The Greggs find this out to their cost one day when The Girl sees them out hunting and they make the mistake of laughing off her angry protests. 

They're not laughing later, when The Girl puts The Magic Finger on them...

Because whenever The Girls gets cross, she gets very, very hot all over and the tip of her forefinger of her right hand begins to tingle, and suddenly a flash comes out like something electric.

The Greggs soon learn their lesson.

About the story

The Magic Finger is something I have been able to do all my life.

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The Magic Finger

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