Birth of Tessa


In 1957 Roald Dahl's daughter Tessa is born and his stories appear in Alfred Hitchcock Presents



In April 1957 Roald Dahl and his wife Patricia Neal's second daughter Chantal (later known as Tessa) is born in Oxford, UK.

Also in 1957, Roald negotiates the television rights for several of his short stories to American TV series Alfred Hitchcock Presents. 

Of the short stories featured on Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Roald's Lamb to the Slaughter - directed by Hitchcock himself - went on to be nominated for an Emmy Award in 1958, while Man From The South, featuring Peter Lorre and legendary actor Steve McQueen, remains one of the series' most famous episodes.

Other episodes included Dip in the Pool, Poison, Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel's Coat and The Landlady.

Lamb to the Slaughter and Man From The South both appear in this collection

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