Whether you want to have some fun in the kitchen or get crafty in the classroom, we've got some Roald Dahl inspiration for you...

Freddie Highmore as Charlie Bucket, from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Blu-ray™ and DVD

From Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and its descriptions of luscious fudge, dreamy chocolate and everlasting gobstoppers, to The Twits and their horrible wormy spaghetti, Roald Dahl's books are full of fantastical descriptions of food - nasty and nice.

In his own life, too, Roald was a fan of food and drink. The Roald Dahl Cookbook includes several recipes from Roald's own kitchen, with contributions from his family and friends as well as his own favourites.

Here, though, we've got a little taster of some of those Revolting Recipes for which his stories are so well known - so if you've ever fancied trying a fizzy-lifting drink, mixing your chocolate by waterfall or creating something truly whipple-scrumptious, make sure you take a look at the recipes previewed here. 

It's not just food that Roald's stories are known for, though, and if it's mischief you're looking to make, you might want to take a look at some of our very crafty downloads here. Download your own Mr Twit beard, design your own Miss Trunchbull newt, even throw a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory party - we've got lots of ways to help you get creative!

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