Matilda lesson plans

A selection of lesson plans helping students explore the themes in Roald Dahl's Matilda

James and the Giant Peach lesson plans

Bring a world of giant peaches and talking insects to life in your classroom with these brilliant beyond belief YPO lesson plans.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory lesson plans

Bring Willy Wonka’s world into your classroom with these splendiferous PSHE and Literacy YPO lesson plans.

The Twits lesson plans

Created by YPO, let these terrific Twits inspired lesson plans inspire and engage the little twits in your classroom.

George’s Marvellous Medicine lesson plans

Get your class to create recipes for their own perilous potions in these marvellous YPO lesson plans which include PSHE and Literacy Objectives on the power of words, exciting writing and mixed feelings.

Fantastic Mr Fox lesson plans

Using Fantastic Mr Fox to explore Roald Dahl’s use of alliteration

Billy and the Minpins lesson plans

Get your class to think of ways to help Billy escape the Gruncher with the YPO lesson plans which include Art and Literacy Objectives on spoken language, imagining worlds and celebrating achievements.

Boy lesson plans

Six brand new lesson plans for teaching Roald Dahl's Boy: Tales of Childhood create by YPO to explore Literacy and PSHE objectives, whilst exploring themes such as descriptions, colourful characters and information gathering.

The BFG lesson plans

These officially phizz-whizzing lesson plans include PSHE and Literacy Objectives for lessons on Friendship, Dreams and Believing.

Revolting Rhymes and Dirty Beasts lesson plans

A great addition to a scheme of work on rhyming or fairy tales.