We are thrilled to announce new books inspired by Roald Dahl’s iconic stories and characters, created by acclaimed contemporary storytellers and illustrators. The new publishing for 2024 includes two new  books alongside a new picture book series to add to the Roald Dahl preschool range.

These new books are designed to bring new readers to Roald Dahl’s original stories, which continue to delight generations of readers around the world with their unique mix of mischief, irreverence, and memorable characters. Told by acclaimed contemporary storytellers and illustrators, they will give readers more of Roald Dahl’s unique worlds and iconic characters - standing alongside the much loved and much-loved books by Roald Dahl, illustrated by Quentin Blake - to excite and entertain present and future fans in new ways.

The major publishing moment of the year will be THE TWITS NEXT DOOR, a deliciously revolting adventure filled with twists and tricks and starring two of Roald Dahl’s most popular creations, The Twits. This brand new story is written by internationally bestselling authors and children’s literacy advocates Greg James and Chris Smith and illustrated by Emily Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Twit are just about as nasty and revolting as two people can get. The only thing that brings the two of them pleasure is playing pranks on one another. But, when a new family called the Lovelies move in next door, with their lively 10-year-old twins, they teach The Twits to stop being so mean and horrible and they all live happily ever after . . .  Ha! Not really. The Twits HATE the Lovelies. But how far will The Twits go to rid themselves of their horribly nice new neighbours? And what happens when these new neighbours, who are armed with utter loveliness, start to fight back?

Greg James and Chris Smith said:
'We have spent many years visiting schools around the world with our children’s books, and we were never far from a child whose head was buried in a Roald Dahl book. It’s magical to see a writer we both loved growing up still able to encourage new generations of young people to pick up a book and have a great time. To be offered the opportunity to write a story starring the most revolting and hilarious pair of his famous characters was exciting, a little bit frightening and certainly too good to resist. We’ve had such a great time playing with The Twits and have loved expanding their world and introducing some new characters to it. We can’t wait to share it with everyone.'

THE TWITS NEXT DOOR will publish in hardback, trade paperback, audio, and ebook in August 2024.

Following on from THE TWITS NEXT DOOR will be CHARLIE AND THE CHRISTMAS FACTORY, a magical yet hilarious short story collection which will see a host of bestselling, much-loved storytellers writing brand-new short stories based on their favourite Roald Dahl characters and worlds.

CHARLIE AND THE CHRISTMAS FACTORY offers a seasonal reading experience for readers keen to find out why Matilda is worried about being on the naughty list, what happens when, years after the creation of his original marvellous medicine, George’s granddaughter Gigi decides to make her own potion, and how Charlie plans to celebrate Christmas at the chocolate factory.  

Illustrated throughout by Klauss Flugge Prize longlisted artist Rikin Parekh, the storytellers and their respective Roald Dahl characters and worlds are: Adam Hills (The Enormous Crocodile), Adam Kay (George’s Marvellous Medicine), Ben Bailey-Smith (James and The Giant Peach), Elle McNicoll (Matilda), Greg James and Chris Smith (The Twits), Hannah Gold (Fantastic Mr Fox), Konnie Huq (Danny the Champion of the World), Nadia Shireen (The BFG), Nathan Bryon (The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me), Pamela Butchart (The Witches), Sally Rippin (The Magic Finger), and Sibéal Pounder (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). 

Rikin Parekh said: 

'Of course, I am a firm believer in the magic that is created when words and illustrations blend perfectly. And no combination is as magical as that of Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake. To collaborate with some of today’s best storytellers, to bring our own interpretations to some of the most iconic worlds and characters in the history of children’s books, has been an absolute privilege and a lot of fun. I hope that aspiring storytellers feel the same magic and excitement by Charlie and The Christmas Factory as we all did when we picked up a Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake book for the first time.'

CHARLIE AND THE CHRISTMAS FACTORY will publish in hardback, trade paperback, audio, and  ebook in October 2024.

This new publishing will be complemented in May 2024 by LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD – the first in a series of picture book versions of Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes – seeing Roald Dahl’s original text accompanied by Adam Larkum’s wonderfully mischievous and exuberant illustrations. 

Harriet Murphy, Director of Publishing at RDSC said:

'We have been so impressed by the authors’ brilliant ability to capture the unique spirit of a Roald Dahl story and bring us some wonderfully funny tales of their own imagination. Roald Dahl’s stories are amongst some of the greatest children’s books, but we aren't looking to imitate him, instead we wanted the authors to have fun and to use their own voice to take his extraordinary characters and creations into new stories which can delight existing fans and new readers alike.'

Ruth Knowles, Publishing Director at Puffin said: 

'We’re delighted to be celebrating Roald Dahl’s unique sense of the extraordinary, the magical and the mischievous with these very special new books. Greg and Chris, Emily, Rikin and the Christmas team of authors have created completely unique, brilliant, hilarious stories that lifelong fans and readers new to Roald Dahl will love. As well as being wonderfully accessible middle grade new books, they also perfectly celebrate the original characters and worlds they’re based on and so, alongside Dahl's classic texts, offer even more choice for readers as to how they experience Roald Dahl.'