Listen up bookworms! Some delightfully dreamy new Matilda content has landed on the Calm app.

Joining a collection of Roald Dahl sleep stories, this brand-new reading and exclusive soundscape will help you drift off into a land of Miss Honey heaven.

To help you out, we’ve summarised all the marvellous Matilda audio you can find right now on the Calm app:

Miss Honey’s Cottage

This new release will have you settling down in the cosy, warm home of a very special teacher… and don’t worry, we’re not talking about the Trunchbull.

You’ll know this teacher by her kind, lovely smile and her caring, gentle manner.

In an extract from the book narrated beautifully by Kirby (of The Sandman and The Good Place fame), join Miss Honey and Matilda as they discuss all things magic, stories, and most importantly - tea.

Miss Honey Soundscape

If that didn’t set the scene quite enough, this exclusive soundscape is sure to transport you straight to the most idyllic English countryside.

Picture Miss Honey’s garden on a peaceful August day, complete with birdsong, a gentle breeze, the wind rustling through the plants and bees buzzing.

The English weather may be unreliable, but you can always rely on this soundscape to bring the most delectable Summer’s day.

Meeting Miss Honey

Last but by no means least, join Kirby once more as she guides you on a visit to Crunchem Hall primary school.

In this extract, Matilda meets Miss Honey for the first time, and the two begin to realise just how exceptional the other is.


All Roald Dahl sleep stories can be found on the Calm app. Find out how to listen by visiting the Calm website.