Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity

Roald Dahl's Marvellous Childrens Charity

Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity funds Roald Dahl Specialist Children's Nurses in communities across the UK. They provide expert care and support to children with serious illnesses, and their families. We believe every seriously ill child should have access to the best possible healthcare.

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Lara's Story


Lara is 10 years old and has a complex and undiagnosed condition. Christmas past: Lara's mum: "I found it really hard to accept Lara’s condition at first and I used to cry at all her appointments and meetings." Christmas present: “It all changed when we got the support of Anna, our Roald Dahl Nurse. What the charity has done for us is priceless. We need Anna. She’s been at our side since and we haven’t looked back. Lara and Anna have a special bond, Lara is ready for anything now.” You can help more seriously ill children like Lara this Christmas by donating to Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity today.

The children and young people we help

Our marvellous supporters

I honestly believe that children should have the most magical and amazing childhood filled with love and laughter. It pains me to think that some children have to spend more time in hospital than anyone should ever have to."

Simon Williams 1

Fundraiser who climbed Everest Base Camp for Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity.

Mummy and me have sat and read my story before I had my injection. My brothers now know about my arthritis and we talk about it.

Maisie-Grace 1

Marvellous Nurse Inventing Room, The Superhero Kit, South Warwickshire NHS Trust

It felt like children's nursing was where I belonged

Roald Dahl Nurse Anne Sweeney, the first Roald Dahl Specialist Children's Nurse 1

Nursing Times, 2017

Roald Dahl nurse Jodi's support means everything. It's not that it's her job, it's her personality. When we've been sat there in tears wondering why Bella hasn't grown out of her condition and it's so frustrating, she's just so supportive.

Sara, Mum to Bella 1

Telegraph Christmas Charity Appeal 2016

Edith being there on the end of the phone for advice and support calms me down. She gives me strength and has taught me how to manage my boys' condition at home. She's given me confidence and it's meant that they spend less time in hospital. We feel that nothing is impossible with Edith on our side.

Lisa, Mum to Taye and Tyrell 1

Marvellous interview, talking about Roald Dahl Nurse Edith

The best feeling was when one of my Young Adults told me I was her role model and she looks up to me and is now in university aspiring to become a qualified Nurse so that she can be kind, caring, and compassionate and show empathy for patients and their families like I do. I will never forget this conversation; I know I make a difference in my patients’ lives.

Roald Dahl Nurse Giselle 1

The role of transition nurses in patient care, South Thames Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia Network, 2017

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