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Matilda's Reading List

What should Matilda read next?

Matilda is looking for recommendations to add to her reading list – and we’ve teamed up with Penguin Young Readers to invite educators and families in the US to tell us what the world’s most iconic bookworm might want to read next.

Wherever you are, you can join in the fun in the classroom with these excellent teaching resources, celebrating Matilda and the power of reading.

Matilda's Character Profile

Matilda is a brilliant bookworm and incredibly intelligent (some might say a genius!), but she’s also brave, bold, kind and determined.

Fill in this character profile to learn even more about Matilda and what makes her unique.

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Reading Comprehension

Test your learners’ brainboxes with this Matilda reading comprehension exercise.

Read the extract and answer questions to explore the themes, characters and plot of the story of Matilda.

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Reading for Pleasure

Reading is incredibly important to Matilda. Books help transport her to a better place and to find her own sense of identity.

Use this activity to encourage your learners to think about why reading is important to them and challenge themselves to read more.

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Recommend a Book

Penguin Young Readers are looking for book recommendations to add to Matilda’s Reading List – and we’re asking young people to tell us which of today’s titles the world’s most iconic bookworm might want to read next.

Use this activity to help young readers choose a book to recommend to Matilda.

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